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In Action

Heartificial Intelligence is a non-profit platform. Advocating for ethical design, development, and deployment of artificial intelligence solutions and strategies tailored to businesses across all sectors and sizes. Founded on the principle that technology should enhance humanity, not undercut it.

Our Clients


Intentional Ethics 

Ethical decision-making isn’t just another form of technical problem solving. We all hold a vast share of the collective influence and it is an imperative to understand the ethical considerations of AI. 

Ethics Compass

Our ethos is fuelled by a desire to help you ask the right questions as opposed to focusing solely on finding the perfect answer. One of our tried and tested models for achieving this successfully is via our Ethics compass. We can provide you with the map for how to navigate, but you hold the compass. We don't just talk the talk, we help you walk the walk when it comes to evaluating and implementing ethical AI and ML practices for organisations, students, AI practitioners or any of you who are curious minds and newer to the field.

Here to help you innovate with integrity

While most of our work with clients is carried out on a bespoke basis,  below are just a few examples of our services that have been meticulously designed to enable companies of all shapes and sizes to integrate ethical considerations at the core of AI development, to foster a tech-enhanced world that upholds values of fairness, transparency, and accountability.


Conscious Code Reviews + AI Integrity Audits and Assessments

Comprehensive assessments of AI algorithms and wider systems to identify and address ethical concerns, mitigate biases and identify potential risks, and recommend strategies for improvement.


Guided AI Policy Development

Expert guidance for C-suite executives on establishing and enforcing ethical AI governance policies to drive responsible and accountable AI practices.


Ethical Innovation Labs

Immersive experiences for engineering teams and leadership to co-create innovative AI solutions that uphold values of ethics, integrity, and societal impact.

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