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Selected as one of MediaWeek’s 30 Under 30 2018, and a finalist for Women in IT’s Young Leader of the Year award (2019), Jessica specialises in Emerging platforms (specifically Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Augmented Reality), focusing on the role that cutting-edge technologies will play in the consumer experience. Jessica advises MediaCom's client's, spanning all areas of industry: FMCG, Retail, and Luxury on embracing emerging technology, and consulting on the implementation of best practices for innovation.


Jessica has also written several thought leadership pieces and has delivered keynote presentations on how these emerging platforms will reshape the current and future marketing landscape

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Why Heartificial Intelligence?

Recent progress in artificial intelligence (AI) makes questions about the ethics of AI more pressing than ever.

Existing AI systems already raise numerous ethical issues: for example, machine classification systems raise questions about privacy and bias. AI systems in the near-term future raise many more issues: for example, autonomous vehicles and autonomous weapons raise questions about safety and moral responsibility.


Technology is only as good as the humans who program it.

With this in mind, Heartificial was born with a mission to raise awareness and drive education around AI and its associated technologies.

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to suggest a topic, contribute, or collaborate on a project together.


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