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Heartificial Intelligence: How AI is Humanizing The Consumer Experience

The notion of humanizing anything through AI seems like the antithesis of what it was built for. Machines are machines and humans are humans—which is exactly why combining the two is so compelling. In this experience-driven era, the demand to be customer-centric is greater than ever—their wants, needs, and what keeps them up at night. The end result? The people who were clicks, visitors, and conversions are now exactly who they deserve to be: living, breathing human beings who engage with our brands daily. And that means we owe those humans even more human experiences.

Enter AI.

My keynote explored how businesses are already leveraging AI (in the form of ML and NLP techniques) for everything from biometric authentication to improving workflows to delegating key tasks and, truly, everything in between. But, most notably, more and more brands are leveraging AI to add critical context to cut through the media clutter – humanising customer experiences. From this point of view, it’s clear AI can connect the digital and non-digital channels to amplify the empathy businesses want to bring to our brand experiences. It’s a different view of AI, and completely counter to the scary-robots-coming-for-our-livelihood scenarios.

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